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What is the difference between a 1-way and 2-way remote starter?

A 2-way remote starter sends a signal back to the remote after you push the start button, to confirm that the vehicle has in fact started. The remote will typically beep, or flash, or show an icon confirming that the engine is running. This is a great feature to have if you can’t make visual contact with the vehicle after you push the start button, so you know if the engine is running or not.

A 1-way remote does not provide this type of feedback.

Are remote starters suitable for manual (stick-shift) transmission vehicles?

Yes, although more costly and time consuming to install, it is perfectly safe to install a remote starter in a manual transmission vehicle. There will be inherent safeties built in to the system to ensure the vehicle can only be remote started if it’s in neutral.

What is a bypass module?

A bypass module, also known as an immobilizer/data interface, is a piece of hardware that typically works in conjunction with the remote starter to ensure that the remote starter functions properly in a particular vehicle. The module may be more specific to your make and model vehicle, whereas the remote starter hardware may be universal for almost any vehicle. For some vehicles, a bypass module alone will function as both a bypass module and remote starter.

Most vehicles manufactured after the mid 2000’s will require a bypass module.

Can a remote starter be un-installed, and used in another vehicle?

Yes any remote starter system can always be removed from your vehicle. Depending on the type of remote starter, the type of bypass module, and the type of vehicle, it may or may not be suitable to be re-used in another vehicle.

Can I use my existing factory key fob to remote start the vehicle?

For many makes and models the answer is yes. Some vehicles will require a separate remote fob. Call or email for vehicle specific information.

Will the vehicle remain locked while the engine is running?


What happens if I remote start the vehicle and forget to turn it off?

Every remote start system has an adjustable run time (usually about 15 minutes), after which the vehicle will shut off by itself if you haven’t already gotten into the car and driven it.

Remote Car Starter FAQ’s

We carry a wide selection of remote starters and always have various options in stock. Below are some of the more commonly used remote starters. This is not a comprehensive list. We may have additional units not listed here on the website. Feel free to come visit our showroom to check out the remotes in person.

Compustar Pro T11

2 way LCD, 3 mile range, USB re-chargeable, water proof.

Compustar Prime 901

2 way LCD, 1 mile range, USB re-chargeable.

Compustar Prime T9

2 way LCD, 3000 feet range

Non USB rechargeable

Compustar Prime G15

2 way LED, 3000 feet range

Water resistant

Compustar Prime R3

2 way LED, 1 button, 3000 feet range

Compustar Prime G6

1 way, 2000 feet range

4 button

iDataStart - HC 1

1 way

3000 feet range

iDataStart - HC 2

2 way LED

3000 feet range

EVO - Start

Start your car from your smart phone.

Unlimited range (within coverage zone)

No monthly fees.

Drone Mobile

Start your car from your smart phone.

Unlimited range.

Monthly fees.

iDataStart - HC X

Remote start your car from your factory key fob.

No additional remote fob required.


Direkt Start - Air 503

1 way, 2000 feet range

Manual or automatic

Compustar CS 920

1 way remote starter

1000 feet range


Installation time varies by the car and the type of remote start system.

Many vehicles take about 2 hours to do the installation.

Unless otherwise stated, our price quotes include all the parts (remote starter and bypass module) and labour.